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$25 entry fee -Entries due!!

Redneck Truck Race

Huron Community Fair Redneck Truck Race

2-ton trucks or larger, both single axle and tandem trucks


 1.  Each participant must be at least 18 years of age.  No passengers will be allowed.

 2.  Drivers must wear a helmet, eye protection and a seat belt during the race.

 3.  Drivers must remain inside their vehicle until they are notified by an official that is is safe to exit the vehicle.

 4.  No hot rodding in the pit area.

 5.  Any open door during the race will be cause for disqualification. Doors must shut securly on participating vehicle.

 6.  There is no alcohol or drugs allowed in the pit area. Any driver or pit crew caught with alcohol or drugs will be disqualified.

 7.  Front seats must be securely bolted to the floor. And vehicle must have a functioning seat belt for the driver.

 8.  Vehicle's are required to have a working fire extinguisher inside the vehicle during the race.

 9.  Vehicle's must have full rear and front bumpers.

10. Gas tank must be located between the frame rails and behind the cab. All other gas/fuel tanks must be removed or empty.

 9.  Officials decision is final.


For more information contact Gary Zurek at (989) 315-1318 or Kevin Langley at (989) 551-7673.

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