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Redneck Truck Race

Sponsored by Agri-Valley Services

7 p.m., Friday, Aug. 2, in the Bay Port State Bank Grandstands

To enter your Redneck Truck call or text Rocky Bouverette at 989.550.4949.

Entry Fee is $40 per truck until 7/31/19. 


New this year will be a scoring system. Drivers will need to make a deposit of $100 for the transponder. Drivers will receive their deposit back when the transponder is returned at the end of the race. Please bring heavy duty zip ties to attach the transponder to the rear axle.


Safety is the first priority! Each Redneck Truck must have a fire extinguisher both in the vehicle and at the pit area. Do not weld or chain doors shut. Race nets are required for inside the doors. Helmets must be worn by all drivers. For more information call or text Bouverette.

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